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Electric tricycle service

Battery is forbidden to be power loss when storage

Battery is forbidden to be power loss when storage, power loss state mean no charging battery timely. If the battery is in power loss state sulfation appear easily, lead sulfate crystals attach to the plates, this will plug the electric ion channels, and can not charge battery enough, battery capacity will be decreased . If battery power loss sate is longer , battery will be damaged more, so battery should be charged one time every month when they are storage, so that battery will be in good performance.

Inspection regularly

If running range reduce more than 10 KM shorter suddenly, probably there is at least one battery damaged, now must inspect and repair battery in sales center or dealer maintenance department. This can extend the life of battery and save your money.

Avoid large current discharge

When e-car start, climb, loaded passenger as much as possible avoiding to put accelerator heavily. Large current discharge easily lead to sulfate crystals, so that damage battery plate physical performance.

Charging time

In normal driving when the power indicate red or yellow light, it should be recharged, if only the red light is on e-car should be stopped running, charging battery as soon as possible, otherwise the battery life will be shorten seriously. Charging time should not be too long otherwise it will be over-charging. Over-charging, large discharge and charging insufficient all will shorten battery life. Normally battery charging time is about 10 hours, if battery temperature exceeds 65℃when charging should stop charging.

Exposure is forbidden

E-car is prohibited to exposure in sun , battery high temperature will cause internal pressure increasing . Battery activity decrease and plates age accelerate.

Avoid short circuit

In following conditions, paint layer off or car body and parts corrosion, Shall clean e-car immediately, such as traveling in coastal areas, driving on the road with antifreeze, or in large amount of dust, iron or chemicals.

Control the speed

When drive the e-car you should control your e-car at suitable and safe speed.

Increase the following distance to front e-car

Closer distance will block driving vision, unable observe the traffic conditions clearly, in the event of an emergency can not make the fastest reaction , causing traffic accident.

Fatigue driving is forbidden

Rest time should be in long time driving and midnight driving