Simple Type

Contracted lines , exquisite figure , give you an extraordinary experience , I am just fashion model

Smooth outline show natural beauty, colors show personality ,give you experience of wind speed and dream power.

Explosion-proof vacuum life

Thicken and widen explosion-proof vacuum tire, low rolling resistance design, rapid cooling, wear and pressure resistance significantly improved, avoid puncture accident, Anti-slip tread design flow direction, increase grip ability, avoid slide when rain and snow.

Intelligence systemiEV1.0

Induction start-up and automatic lock
Alarm when touched, mobile phone reminder more timely
Mobile phone one key to lock for bike safer
Mobile phone automatically broadcast when bike breakdown

Excellent brake

Bold hydraulic fork, with 110 drum brake, super electric motorcycle class, showing excellent braking performance.

Front turn signal lights

Simple and elegant front turn lights, saving power, long life , remind front and rear vehicles , improving traffic safety greatly.

Multiple lock security

E-bike with power locks, pedal lock , seat box lock, remote lock and motor alarm function.

Humanized seat design

Double saddle comfort design, high elastic foam material , long ride without fatigue.

High light headlights

With LED headlight, illumination distance is three times than normal light, night riding without worries.



成车尺寸(长×宽×高) 1620*620*1060mm 1620*620*1060mm
轴距 1190mm 1190mm


轮胎 3.0-10真空胎 3.0-10真空胎
续航里程 ≥70KM ≥70KM
载重 75Kg 75Kg
骑行方式 电动 电动


电池规格 48V20Ah 48V20Ah
电机规格 450WGT电机 450WGT电机
控制器 SAP智能控制器 SAP智能控制器
额定输出功率 500W电摩电机 500W电摩电机
额定电压 48V 48V
充电器输入电压 AC220V/50HZ AC220V/50HZ


制动方式 前后手刹 前后手刹
制动器 前后鼓刹 前碟刹后鼓刹
防盗器 遥控报警器 遥控报警器
车灯 前LED高亮大灯 前LED高亮大灯


减震器 后置直簧 后置直簧
座椅规格 加厚鞍座+大靠背 加厚鞍座+大靠背


                         智慧系统 iEV1.0        智慧系统 iEV2.0