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Green power to build national car big dream

BYVIN Holding Group Co.,Ltd (here after referred to be "BYVIN HOLDINGS") is

High-tech private enterprise including three industry group of electric cars、electric bikes、electric tricycles. BYVIN HOLDINGS headquarter is located in Weifang City of Shandong Province, have four production bases and seven factories, assets exceed RMB1.6 billion and with an annual capacity of three million units, there are nearly 3000 employees in BYVIN HOLDINGS. 

BYVIN HOLDINGS take “To be one of  the largest electric vehicle manufacturer all over the world, Achieving  win-win between society、 employees & enterprise. ”as vision and relentless pursuit of future development. Under the guidance of the company vision, BYVIN HOLDINGS continue to drive innocation and development of green power, and put new technology into the development and manufacture of the national car perfectly, promote new energy improved and universal use continuously.

Electric bike industry introduction

BYVIN electric bike company is the longest development history division of BYVIN HOLDINGS since its established in 2001, it is also pillar industry in BYVIN HOLDINGS. BYVIN electric bike company include 1480 acres industry park in Weifang city, also have production bases in Tianjin city Wuxi city and Taizhou city. In China domestic market BYVIN electric bike company build strategic alliances of 5000 dealers and 400 suppliers, supplying service to 12 million users in China. As one of China’s electric bike industry pioneer and leader, BYVIN electric bike company has become a banner of new energy electric bike.  

BYVIN electric bike company commit innovation of new energy sources to society, especially at present of “industry 4.0”, BYVIN re-consider relations between electric bike and human, subversive propose the“ intelligence strategy”, in 2015 BYVIN launched the world’s first internet intelligence electric bike, become the industry leader in intelligent upgrade. Through independent research and development of “intelligence system ”to make electric bikes digital、networked and intelligent, thus for consumers to create intelligent lifestyle based on man-bike-internet.   

Looking to the future, BYVIN will provide more advanced、more efficient and more environmentally travel way for mankind, to create entrepreneur spirit team, to produce continuous innovation products and supply services with the times. BYVIN will be preferred brand of millions of families to travel and become high praise company of technical innovation. 

Electric tricycle industry introduction

BYVIN electric tricycle company is another important industry of BYVIN HOLDINGS , it is one of BYVIN whole industry organic components 

BYVIN electric tricycle company was founded in 2011, own 400 acres area, After just four years development, under BYVIN famous brand influence, using auto production four processes standard ”stamping、 welding、 painting and assembly, we use electric car technology to produce electric tricycle, BYVIN electric tricycle company has become one of most important electric tricycle brands in China.   

BYVIN electric tricycle is made by gold J60 super power combined system , supplying most suitable and extreme driving feeling for all customers . Based on four process BYVIN electric tricycle adopt Japanese OTC robot welding system and United States graco electrostatic spraying process, meanwhile BYVIN also use GMS General motors production system and other industry leading technology, to produce beyond gold quality electric tricycle for customers, electric tricycle infinitely close to passenger cars quality .

BYVIN adhere to the “Car-quality to make electric tricycle”, put first-class passenger car craft on electric tricycle process, commit to produce high-quality electric tricycle. BYVIN will always adhere to “ Integrity , Pragmatic, Innovation ”to supply faster and stronger electric tricycle for customers.    

Electric car industry introduction

BYVIN is China domestic independent research and development of low-carbon transportation company, BYVIN is committed to provide green travel solution for customers. From 2008 BYVIN begin to develop and manufacture electric cars and related parts, it has the largest pure electric car production plant with over 400,000 square meters area, annual capacity is 350,000 units. According to passenger car standard BYVIN build stamping、welding、painting and assembly four production lines, this represents the highest level of domestic electric car manufacturing in China.

In 2015 on BYVIN electric car brand strategy conference BYVIN launched two e-car models M3 and M6, this marked BYVIN HOLDINGS officially use BYVIN brand to layout electric car market, leading new direction of e-car industrial upgrading. Depending on BYVIN famous brand and perfect R&D、manufacturing、sales、after-service system BYVIN electric car conquer the market with perfect product quality and competitive price, BYVIN electric car become representative of micro-electric cars at its price range.   

Green travel has become civilized fashion life style, BYVIN is committed to create a professional leading e-car brand,integrating  world-class technology to make China electric car with most complete manufacturing process and continuous upgrade, to satisfy customers different travel demand, leading green travel ways.

Chinese transportation electric times has already started, BYVIN HOLDINGS dream of ”Making perfect car for nationals ” is together with world dream of green economy growing, we are convinced that on the dream road only insisting and focusing on vision、mission、values , so that we can go further and to dream closer.   

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Corporate culture

“Let all staff really happy” is BYVIN social responsibility---Guoxin Li Chairman

BYVIN HOLDINGS twenty events of enterprise culture

1.     Employees with five years work in BYVIN can get sixty thousand yuan subsidies of purchasing housing

2.     Employees with one year work in BYVIN is in case of accidental death, BYVIN HOLDINGS take filial and raise children

3.     If parents are in hospital as for major diseases employee can have holiday of taking care.

4.     When employee birthday send birthday gifts and filial piety bonus to parents

5.     Female employee enjoy childbirth gifts and pregnancy free nutritious lunch.

6.     BYVIN HOLDINGS send birthday card signed by chairman and birthday cake to employees

7.     Go to see employees when they are sick in hospital

8.     Post mid-autumn festival cake and dragon boat festival rice dumplings to employee parents.

9.     Library for employee studying

10.   Every year free medical examination for employees

11.   Excellent employees every month

12.   Excellent employees visit famous company  

13.   Employees buy e-car at  company internal price

14.   Large-scale games for employees every year

15.   BYVIN HOLDINGS film day

16.   BYVIN HOLDINGS tourism day

17.   BYVIN HOLDINGS pay for books bought by supervisor and above leaders.

18.   Selecting leader reserves every year

19.   Training lecturer of company every year

20.   Team online learning freely

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